12/04 2022
International air transport policy in Vietnam

Vietnam has actively participated in the liberalization of air transport, including the act of creating new aviation legislation, policies and regulations to meet the liberalization trend and as recommended by ICAO, ...

12/04 2022
Air Transport Policy in Germany/Europe and Environmental Sustainability

For about 25 years, air transport markets in the European Union have been almost completely liberalized, and nowadays this liberalization is even extended to some neighboring countries outside the EU.

12/04 2022
Aviation industry in Germany and Europe

Europe has seen regional differences in air traffic growth between 2016 and 2019. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, passenger air traffic in the EU+, which includes the remaining 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) ...

12/04 2022
Academic Exchange on Aviation Market and Aviation Regulations in Germany/Europe and Vietnam/Southeast Asia

Worms University of Applied Sciences (HS Worms) and Vietnam Aviation Academy (VAA) jointly organized an online workshop entitled "Academic Exchange on Aviation Market and Aviation Regulations in Germany/Europe ...

12/04 2022
Aviation Future: Challenges and Solutions – AFCS 2021 International Conference

The scientific conference on Aviation with the theme: “Aviation Future: Challenges and Solutions” – AFCS 2021 was organized by Vietnam Aviation Academy in collaboration with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) on 27-28 May 2021.

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JAST publishes two following types of articles:

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